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Laravel Ecosystem until 2021

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Nowadays, the most popular PHP framework is now the Laravel Framework. The popularity of this framework is rising day by day because of its stability and growing community. From the beginning of Laravel, it's continually introducing a new product/package in every Laravel Framework release. In this article, I'll describe the entire overview of the ecosystem of the Laravel Framework until 2021.


Laravel Ecosystem until 2021


Laravel Octane

Laracon Online on March 18th 2021, Taylor Otwell announced a package for running a highly performant Laravel application using Swoole and RoadRunner environment. It can handle 6,000+ requests per second! You can check out how the Swoole and RoadRunner environments are work.


Laravel Sail

In December 2020, Taylor Otwell the creator of the Laravel framework introduced with Laravel Sail. The Laravel sail is a command-line interface for working with Laravel by the power of the Docker development environment. With laravel sail, you don't have to lot of experience with docker. Behind the scenes, it'll manage docker container using PHP, MySQL, and Redis. It's a really simple solution for those who are new to Laravel and want to get started with Laravel without the hassle of installing PHP, MySQL, Composer on the new machine.

Doc: Laravel Sail


Laravel Breeze

Laravel Breeze is another official package for auth scaffolding powered by Laravel blade and Tailwind CSS. Start with the Laravel framework has been quicker with the help of the Laravel Breeze package. Now anyone can easily start with Laravel with few steps. Laravel Breeze provides auth scaffolding, customizable views, auth routes, auth controllers, auth request file and a cleaner dashboard designed with Tailwind CSS. Want to learn how to work with Laravel Breeze? read the tutorial post on Laravel Breeze.

Doc: Laravel Breeze


Laravel Jetstream

Laravel Jetstream is an application scaffolding official package from the Laravel team. Jetstream announced with Laravel 8. It's free and open-source. It has by default user profile management, Two-factor Authentication, API tokens, Team management, Multi-Session Management and a lot of cool stuff. It has been designed with Tailwind CSS and you can choose to scaffold using Laravel Livewire or Inertia.

Doc: Laravel Jetstream


Laravel Sanctum

Laravel Sanctum is a lightweight package for API authentication like SPA (Single Page Application) and making simple API. Until 20 March 2020, it was Laravel Airlock. Due to a trademark dispute, Taylor Otwell renames it Laravel Sanctum. It offers us simple API auth, SPA auth, Token issuing, Token abilities, Token revoking and authentication for mobile application. The usages of Laravel Sanctum is easy and straight forward.

Doc: Laravel Sanctum


Laravel Vapor

It's a Serverless platform which introduced in 2019 along with Laravel 6.0 LTS release. Vapor is paid service. AWS could need to run the vapor. You have to pay $39/mo, $399/year only for Laravel Vapor with all AWS costs.

Website Laravel Vapor

Laravel Forge

It's a Server Management platform. You can provision and deploy unlimited PHP applications on DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon and more.

Website Laravel Forge

Laravel Envoyer

It's another deployment solution that guarantees you zero downtime deployment. It offers you 3 different subscriptions Basic (10 projects with 10$/month), Plus (20 projects with $20/month) and Premium (Unlimited projects with $50/month).

Website Laravel Envoyer


Laravel Horizon

It provides a beautiful queue monitoring dashboard. It provides useful key metrics for your application queueing systems such as job throughput, runtime, and job failures.

Laravel Horizon.png

Documentation Horizon

Laravel Nova

It's paid super awesome administration panel for Laravel developer. If you wanna use it then you have to buy a licence from Laravel Nova. Solo licence for $99/project or Pro licence $199/project.

Website Laravel Nova


Laravel Echo

Laravel Echo is a real-time event handling tool. It gives the power of Websocket to your Laravel application. It provides a clean syntax for public channels and complex features like authentication, authorization, and private and presence channels.

Documentation Laravel Echo



Lumen is a slim and super-fast micro-framework of Laravel. You can use most of Laravel framework features like routing, eloquent model, blade template engine and much more.

Website Lumen



Homestead is a Pre-Packaged Vagrant Box. It's a complete package of Laravel Development environment where PHP, MySQL and all other stuff already included out of the box.

Documentation Laravel Homestead



Spark is a SaaS App Scaffolding solution. It'll take care of your authentication, password reset, team billing, two-factor authentication, profile photos and more. It's a paid service. You have to spend $99/site and $299 for the unlimited site.

Website Spark



It's a development environment for Mac user. Out of the box, it provides a lot of nice features to develop a Laravel application. Using a local tunnel you can share your local sites publically.

Documentation Laravel Valet



Laravel Mix a great tool for webpack asset compilation. It provides fluent API to define Webpack build steps for Laravel application using several common CSS and JS preprocessor.

Documentation Laravel Mix

Laravel Cashier

Laravel Cashier is an official package for subscription billing integration. It's dealing with all functions and features to manage subscription billing. To know more about Laravel Cashier take a tour of official documentation.

Documentation Laravel Cashier



Laravel Dusk is a really amazing package for browser testing and automation. It provides beautify syntax and API to test your application functions and features with a minimal line of code. It doesn't require installing JDK or Selenium on your machine. It uses ChromeDev.

Documentation Laravel Dusk


Laravel Passport

Laravel Passport is an official package for OAuth2 server implementation. It makes life easier to make API authentication of our Laravel application. Without doing complex OAuth2 server implementation, you can easily manage your OAuth2 using a passport package.

Documentation Laravel Passport


Laravel Scout

Laravel Scout is an official package that provides Full-Text Search features for your eloquent models of Laravel application. It automatically saves your search indexes. Scout currently support Algolia driver out of the box. You can extend your features according to your needs.

Documentation Laravel Scout


Laravel Socialite

Laravel socialite is one of the popular official packages for Laravel application. With this package, you can make auth with a popular social platform like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket with few lines of code.

Documentation Laravel Socialite



Laravel Telescope is a beautiful and elegant debug assistant for the Laravel framework. It provides request log, exceptions, log entries, database queries, queued jobs, mail, notifications, cache operations, scheduled tasks, variable dumps and more.

Laravel Telescope.png

Documentation Laravel Telescope


Laravel Tinker

Laravel tinker is a powerful REPL (read–eval–print loop) for the Laravel framework. It ships with Laravel out of the box. Using this package you can run php code, eloquent query and more stuff in the command line.

Laravel Tinker.png

Documentation Laravel Tinker


Thank you for reading this complete article with patience. Hope you will get a clear overview of the Laravel Ecosystem until 2021. If you find this helpful please share it with others.

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