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Laravel Breeze - Starting with Laravel has been easy!

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Laravel Breeze is a simple, minimal and easy helper package to start working with Laravel including authentication scaffold and basic UI (Blade + tailwind CSS). You can start working with Laravel very quickly with Laravel Breeze package. In this post, I'll show you step by step process for How to install and use Laravel Breeze. Here is a simple and clean dashboard designed with Tailwind CSS generated by Laravel Breeze package. You can easily customize each and every authentication-related stubs, Layout, Dashboard view very easily.


Laravel Breeze Features

  • Simple and lightweight package.
  • Powered by Blade and Tailwind CSS.
  • Easy customization auth related stubs.
  • Clean layout and dashboard design.
  • Easy auth route management.
  • Maintained by Laravel team.


Installation Requirement

  • PHP >= 7.3 or >= 8.0
  • illuminate/filesystem >= 8.0
  • illuminate/support >= 8.0

Breeze Installation with Laravel

  • Create a Laravel application
  • Database connection & migration
  • Install Laravel Breeze
  • Install node dependecy


Create a Laravel application

Create a laravel application with composer-create command or laravel installer.

composer  create-project laravel/laravel laravel-breeze 8.0


Database connection & migration

Create a database and update database information into the .env file.


now run the migration command.

php artisan migrate


Install Laravel Breeze

To install the Laravel Breeze package, run the command below.

composer require laravel/breeze --dev

After installing the breeze package, now run these command given below.

php artisan breeze:install

This command will generate all authentication-related views, controllers, request file, route file.


Install node dependecy

npm install && npm run dev

We are done! Our installation is finished. Now we can register a new user and login to our Laravel application.


Check Installation

Browse for registration


Note: A file auth.php will create in your routes directory with all authentication-related routes. You can simply disable routes which are not necessary for your project. For example, if you don't need registration routes then simply comment out or delete these 2 routes.



Browse for login



After successful login, you will redirect to example.test/dashboard route with simple and clean dashboard UI (designed with Tailwind CSS).


Laravel Breeze package is a very helpful package to start working with Laravel quickly included authentication boilerplate, layout, dashboard and a lot of customization. Keep in mind this is not a replacement of Laravel UI or JetStream package. It's just another way to get started quickly with Laravel. If you're looking for a more robust Laravel starter kit that includes two-factor authentication, Livewire / Inertia support then check out the Laravel JetStream.

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