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Laravel 6 make:auth not defined! [Solved]

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If you used Laravel version up to 5.8 and now trying to run artisan command make:auth to make authentication scaffolding in Laravel 6 but is it's saying like command make:auth is not defined!

In Laravel 6 the command php artisan make:auth removed. This command no longer available in Laravel 6 version. From Laravel version 6 the command php artisan make:auth that's mean auth scaffolding will be available via another official package called Laravel UI. See the Laravel 6 release note at the bottom section.

You are thinking now, why Taylor Otwell removed authentication UI scaffolding in Laravel 6? The think behind is Modern frontend development. Now you are free to use any preset in your Laravel application where previously you had to use Bootstrap as a default UI scaffold. Now you can choose preset which you like to work as a frontend part like Bootstrap, Vue, React.

To archive the authentication UI scaffolding in your Laravel 6 project, you have to install Laravel UI package. Let's do that.

First, run the command

composer require laravel/ui --dev

After successfully installation laravel UI package, check the ui:auth command available instead of   make:auth command in your artisan command list.

php artisan list

laravel ui artisan command

Now you can see the UI scaffolding command available. For generating the auth scaffold run the artisan command below.

Presets Command
For VueJs preset php artisan ui vue --auth
For Bootstrap preset php artisan ui bootstrap --auth
For ReactJs Preset php artisan ui react --auth

Choose any one command which frontend you like to work in frontend of your application. Suppose we want to use bootstrap without VueJs or ReactJs. So we have to run the command like as below.

php artisan ui bootstrap --auth

After running this command all authentication scaffold will generate successfully in your resources/views folder. Now we have to use npm install the command to install all js dependency in our project.

npm install
npm run dev


Wait until finished the npm dependency installation. After finish the process you will find everything working as expected :)


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