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DB Seeder - A database seeder application

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DB seeder is a free data seeder application for MySQL. Generating dummy data for a project is a common task for presenting its functions and features to end-user. In this way, the DB seeder app made the task easier. It helps you to generate table dummy data quick and very easily! You can generate millions of data within a few seconds. You can use this application for generating dummy data for Laravel, Symphony, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, any PHP project that uses MySQL database. It ships with various common data type and you can also generate constant, custom list, custom data with regular expression easily!


DB Seeder features

  • It's a free application.
  • Available for Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • Simple and easy UI.
  • Automatically detect data types according to table schema.
  • Can use for Laravel, Symphony, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, any PHP project, Desktop application that uses MySQL database.
  • Custom configuration saving facility.
  • Dark/Light theme available.
  • Various common data type and custom data type support.
  • and more.


Data Type Support


regex Regular expression
constant Constant data generate. After selecting you can set a constant value for all record.
custom_list Custom list with the pipe symbol. Example: Foo|Bar|Buzz
boolean Boolean value.
integer Random integer value.
number_range Number range. Example: 1-10
float Random float value.
word A single word.
sentence A sentence generation.
text Long text generation.
text_long Long text generation.
address Street address
slug Slug string generation.
name Random name generation.
email Random E-mail address.
phone Random phone number.
password Random password.
male_name Random male name.
female_name Random female name.
time Random time. Example: 12:12:00
date Random date. Example: 2020-06-14
date_range Generate date within the range. Example: 2020/01/01-2020/06/01
datetime Random date time.
timestamp Random timestamp.

How to use?

Just download the DB Seeder application from GitHub repository and install it.

Now open the DB seeder application and enter your database host, port, username and password and click on connect.


After the successful connection, it will fetch all your databases. Now just select the database and table. After selecting the table it'll automatically set the data types according to your column name and field type. You can also change or customize the data types.


After doing that now enter the number of records which you want to generate and click on SEE DATA button. That's it!


Seeding data quickly and easily the DB Seeder application is really a helpful tool. If you find this tool is helpful to you then share this post with others so that it can help them who need it.

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